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Contingent Workers vs. Vendor information

Contingent Workers

A Contingent Worker is a person providing services to the organization and does not have an official relationship with the organization.

The Department of Human Resources has established a procedure for individuals who occasionally assist the University of Massachusetts Boston with grant functions, activities development and other services as requested. In most cases, these services require an Employee ID number and Employee ID card that would permit access and various services provided by the University (i.e., e‐mail, telephone, business cards, fitness center, etc). To obtain an Employee ID number, Employee ID card or access to any computing systems, Contingent Worker paperwork will need to be completed and sent to the Human Resources Office with a Personal Action Form.

Vendors & Independent Contractors

Departments are required to determine the type of work to be performed and whether it qualifies for contract employee or independent contractor status prior to procuring the service. Please see the Employment Status Form on the Contracts & Compliances website for more information.