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Leaving UMass Boston

Your Benefit Options Upon Leaving the University

When employment ends with the university, you have options for maintaining your benefits. You also have options on how you wish to handle your contributions to retirement, and you may be eligible for unemployment insurance. Please schedule an appointment with to discuss your benefits by emailing

When does my Health Insurance and Dental/Vision Coverage end?

When employment with the university ends, coverage ends the last day of the following month from termination date. Coverage can be continued temporarily through COBRA. For example, if employment terminates on June 5, coverage will remain in effect until July 31. Employees can contact the Group Insurance Commission, the plan administrator, at 617.727.2310.


COBRA is a federal law known as the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) under which certain former employees, retirees, spouses, former spouses and dependent children have the right to temporarily continue their existing group health coverage at group rates when group coverage otherwise would end due to certain life events, called “Qualifying Events.”

If you elect COBRA coverage, you are entitled to the same coverage provided under the GICs plan to similarly situated employees or dependents. The GIC administers COBRA coverage.

COBRA coverage is offered due either to (1) end of employment, (2) reduction in hours of employment, (3) death of employee/retiree, (4) divorce or legal separation or (5) loss of dependent child status. If you elect to continue your coverage, COBRA coverage will begin on the first day of the month immediately after your current GIC coverage ends.

The rate for this coverage is typically 102 percent of the full monthly premium cost for up to 18-months (coverage is for up to 36 months for certain event such as divorce, death of an employee or loss of dependent child status).  There are certain circumstances when the COBRA rates may vary; please refer to information provided by the GIC regarding COBRA.

Flexible Spending Account

Limited COBRA coverage is also offered if you participated in the Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Plan. There is no continuation of coverage options for the Dependent Care Assistance Program. These FSA plans are administered by Benefit Strategies.

Dental/Vision Coverage (CSU and PSU employees only) – Your dental/vision coverage continues for 30 days after the month in which the termination date falls. For example, if employment terminates on June 5, coverage will remain in effect until July 31. For layoffs, coverage continues for 120 days after the month in which the termination date falls. Classified Staff Union and Professional Staff Union employees can contact the Mass Public Employees Fund, the dental/vision plan administrator, at 617.367.6167 or 1.800.325.5214.

Dental Coverage (MTA FSU/Non-Unit employees only) – Your dental coverage continues for one full month after the month in which the termination date falls. For example, if employment terminates on June 5, coverage will remain in effect until July 31. MTA Faculty Staff Union/Non-Unit employees can contact Health Plans, Inc the dental plan administrator.

Vacation Payouts

Employees may be eligible for a payout of any unused vacation time in accordance with their applicable collective bargaining agreements and/or personnel policies.

What happens to my retirement contributions?

Options available:

Benefited employees

  1. You can withdraw all the money you have contributed, including any interest if you were involuntarily terminated, but 20 percent will be withheld for federal taxes. The form (“Request for Return of Accumulated Deductions”) is available in Human Resources or on the State Board of Retirement’s website.
  2. You may directly “rollover” the funds to a tax-qualified IRA and not pay any taxes.
  3. You may leave your funds in the State Retirement system in the event that you return to state service. If you choose this option, you do not need to contact the State Board of Retirement. The Board will contact you about every two years to ask what you want to do with the funds. Contact the State Board of Retirement at 617.367.7770 for more information.

Non-Benefited employees

  1. Please email Human Resources Office to request SMART Plan withdrawal. Please include your name, address, employee id number and last day of work in the email.
  2. Contact SMART Plan 877.457.1900 to request a withdrawal form.

Unemployment Insurance

Employees whose appointments terminate at the university may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. For information on eligibility, available services, and how to file a claim for unemployment insurance, check the Division of Employment and Training website, or call the main number at 1.888.626.5553 or 617.626.5553.

To assist you in filing a claim, you need the following information:

Employer Name and Address:
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA 02125-3393

D.E.T. Employer ID Number: 78-418460 (State-funded jobs/positions)
78-418470 (Non-State-funded jobs/positions)

Federal Employer ID Number: 046002284

You may also be qualified for health insurance benefits through the Medical Security Plan, administered by the Division of Employment and Training. For information, visit the Medical Security Plan website, or call 1.800.914.4455.

How to File an Unemployment Insurance Claim

Contact the TeleClaim Center at 617.626.6800 or toll-free at 877.626.6800.