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Bargaining Unit Employees

Each bargaining unit has a collective bargaining agreement (contract) that sets forth your wages, hours, sick time, and other employment conditions. Visit your union’s website for more information.

Non-Unit Professional Employees

Non-unit positions are not governed by a collective bargaining agreement. Non-Unit Professional employees are governed by the Non-Unit Employee Personnel Policy.

Supervisors of Unit Employees

 If you supervise an employee covered by a collective bargaining agreement, Employee Relations can help you with issues including, but not limited to:

  • Interpreting collective bargaining agreement (CBA) language.
  • Reviewing reorganization plans and other personnel actions which have labor-management implications.
  • Coaching supervisors in addressing attendance, performance and other employee issues.
  • Helping to address attendance and performance problems through corrective action.
  • Managing layoffs and bumping.

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