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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does vacation, sick, and personal time accrue?

Personal time accrual is given in the 1st pay period of the calendar year and vacation and sick time accrue biweekly.

Will the accrued time rollover to next year?

Accrued sick time and accrued vacation time will also rollover until it meets the maximum cap.  Personal time has to be use by the end of the calendar year.

Where do I find my accrued balances?

On the Pay Check advice, there is a section “Available Hours” for sick, vacation, personal, holiday comp time, and overtime comp time.

  • For employees who enter their own time, you can view your available time on the Timesheet panel under the Leave/Compensatory Time tab.
Does my Holiday Comp Time and Overtime Comp Time expire?

Professional Staff Union (PSU)

  • Holiday Comp Time does not expire
  • Overtime Comp Time expires in 365 days

Classified Staff Union (CSU), Non-Classified, Non-Unit Professional

  • Holiday Comp Time expires in 120 days
  • Overtime Comp Time does not expire
What relationship is covered by Bereavement Leave (BEV)?

4 Consecutive Working Days

  • Spouse
  • Domestic Partner
  • Child
  • Parent
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Grandparent
  • Grandchild
  • Person living in the immediate household
  • Parent of a spouse or domestic partner

For Classified Staff Union only:

  • Stepchild
  • Stepparent
  • Stepbrother
  • Stepsister
  • Former legal guardian

2 Consecutive Working Days (Faculty+Librarian 1 day only)

  • Son-in-Law
  • Daughter-in-Law
  • Spouse or Domestic Partner's:
    • Brother
    • Sister
    • Grandparent
    • Grandchild

*** A memo from the department head must be submitted with the time and attendance report stating the relationship to the employee and dates they are taking as Bereavement Leave.

When is the latest I can enter time?

Self-service employees need to enter their time before noon of every Friday. Timekeepers need to enter time every Friday by the end of the day.

What happens to the accrued time when I retire?

All employees, except for faculty, will receive a pay out of 20% of their accrued sick time and all of their accrued vacation time. The pay out will take place in the paycheck following their last working paycheck.

What happens to the accrued time when leaving the university?

Only the vacation time will be paid out in the paycheck following your last working paycheck. (Classified Staff Union employees will also get Overtime Comp Time paid out.)

Correction/Late Pay Forms
Leave Cascading Rules

This guide explains how leave time (sick, vacation, holiday, etc.) should be used if the employee does not have enough accrued time to cover their time out of the office.

Meal Money

Meal money refers to a stipend paid to classified staff members who meet certain overtime requirements. The amount of the stipend varies based on both the time of day and number of hours worked. For more information on meal money please refer to the Meal Money Policy.

Pay Calendar

Time Off