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Tuition Benefits

This is a summary of the tuition benefits for UMass Boston employees, spouses and dependents.

The tuition benefits apply only to full and part-time benefited employees. Eligibility for tuition benefits for benefited employees does vary by length of benefited service. The amount of the tuition credits also depends on the program of study (undergraduate, graduate or professional studies) and the benefited status (full-time or part-time). These Standards are defined in the Trustee tuition discount policy apply to all members of the University community, except where any discount or other benefit contained in a collective bargaining agreement may be more favorable. See, M.G.L. c.150E, § 7(d).

Tuition Benefits at UMass campuses

Employees: Benefited employees of the University of Massachusetts receive tuition benefits for undergraduate and graduate programs at all University of Massachusetts campuses, excluding the UMass Medical MD program and UMass School of Law. Tuition benefits are available at UMass campuses if the employee's benefited hire date is on or prior to the first day of classes.

Spouses and eligible dependents: Tuition benefits are available at UMass campuses for spouses and eligible dependents (under the age of 26) if the employee's benefited hire date is on or prior to the first day of classes. Employees who have completed two years of full-time benefited service or four years of part-time benefited service at any of the UMass campuses will receive additional credits off the tuition costs for their spouse and eligible dependents taking undergraduate courses at UMass (excluding online or continuing education courses).

STUDENT TUITION CREDITS (Continuing Education Courses not included*)

Current/Active University Employees**
Graduate Courses or Programs 100%
Undergraduate Courses of Programs 100%
Retired University Employees*** 100%
Spouses and Dependent Children of Current/Active University Employees
Graduate Courses or Programs 20%
Undergraduate Courses of Programs
University Employee w/ 2+ FTE Years of Service 60%
University Employee w/ < 2 FTE Years of Service 15%
Spouses and Dependent Children of Retired University Employees**** 60%
Spouses and Dependent Children of Deceased University Employees***** 60%
*For continuing education classes taken at UMass, tuition credit is offered at 50% to eligible employees.
**Part-time University Employees are eligible for up to seven (7) credits per semester.
***One (1) program of study.
****One (1) program of study; undergraduate only.
*****With at least five (5) years of FTE University Service; one (1) program of study; undergraduate only.

NOTE: A terminated University Employee (or the Spouse or Dependent Child of a Terminated University Employee) may complete a semester or course for which a Student Tuition Credit was previously applied.

Notes - all fees, books and other course materials are the employee's responsibility; the tuition discount does not apply to the M.D. program at UMass Medical School, programs and the J.D. program at UMass Law School at UMass Dartmouth, and courses and programs identified by a campus as Continuing Education except as noted above*.

Tuition Waiver at other State Colleges / Universities

Employees with six (6) months or more of full-time benefited service (or equivalent benefited part-time service), their spouses and dependent children, who are enrolled in a full-time state supported program at any Massachusetts university or community college, are eligible for tuition waivers. If you are enrolled in courses through the Division of Continuing Education, the tuition waiver is 50%.  Please check with the other Massachusetts public college's student financial services or bursar's office for the tuition benefits which might be available.

Information about the dollar value of a Tuition Remission is available from that institution's Bursar's Office.

Note - all fees, books and other course materials are the employee's responsibility. If you have any additional questions, please review our Frequency Asked Questions

Now accepting Summer 2020 Tuition Waiver. Staarting June 1, 2020 we will accept Fall 2020 Tuition Waivers. One Semester per form. 

To obtain an electronic Tuition Credit or Remission Form:

Fill out the Request Form below:

After you complete the request for an Electronic Tuition Credit or Remission form it will automatically be sent to you via email. You may then fill out the form online and initiate the approval process. You will receive a confirmation email from DocuSign when the form has been approved by HR, generally within 2 business days of receipt of the completed form.