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Parking/MBTA Passes

Parking at UMass Boston

For a limited time, we will be amending the parking pass cancellation process to provide that cancellation requests received in HR by Thursday, May 7 will be processed retroactive to March 15.  Please follow the steps below in order to cancel your parking passes. Please note, that all forms need to be submitted to HR by Thursday, May 7, 2020 in order to be considered for the limited time retroactive cancellation.

Cancel Onsite Parking Deductions

  1. Please complete the Parking & Transportation Deduction Form
  2. Indicate that you would like to cancel the deduction
  3. Save and email the form to and Parking & Transportation

Cancellation requests received after May 7 will be processed as of the start of the pay period in which they are received, in keeping with the standard policy. 


The University of Massachusetts Boston’s Office of Transportation Services is here to help you access our campus, whether you are coming by car, bus, bike, or foot. Use our interactive campus map to find food, vending machines, and other amenities; you can also print our transportation map or find campus buildings on our mobile app.


Offsite Parking/ MBTA

Through the Qualified Transportation Benefits Program (QTBP), you are eligible for a pre-tax benefit program that includes both offsite parking and transit expenses. QTBP is administered by Benefit Strategies. 

Under current federal law, the following amounts may be contributed to the accounts to reimburse employees for qualified transportation expenses. Funds cannot be comingled or transferred between accounts.

  • 2018 Pre-tax Federal and State Parking Expense Account - $260/month
  • 2018 Pre-tax Mass Transit Expense Account - $260 for Federal and $135 for State
  • Benefit Strategies provides a FLEXEXPRESS© card that looks and works like a typical debit card, making the process as easy as possible. There are no up-front payments, and charges are automatically deducted from your account. Transit passes should be bought online or at the point of service with the debit card. No manual claims can be submitted for the transit account. If a parking vendor does not accept MasterCard or Visa, you can still submit a manual claim to Benefit Strategies for quick reimbursement. They guarantee prompt processing for all completed parking claims.

Cancel MBTA Pass and MBTA Parking

  • Please complete the form above and enter the amount of $0 in the amount field to cease contribution.
  • Then follow instructions on the form to submit your request.