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Medical Leave

UMass Boston Policy for Medical Leave

University policy and procedures pertain to leave of absence for eligible UMass Boston employees. We want to make sure you understand how your leave request will be processed.

The following are the forms for the most common types of leave requests and information on supporting documents that may be needed. If you don't see the forms you are looking for, please be sure to expand the union list further down the page for leave documents relevant to your specific union.

Maternity, Parental, Adoptive Leave Workers Compensation Personal Leave Family Leave Foster Care
Common types of medical leave
Leave Request Form Leave Request Form Leave Request Form Leave Request Form Leave Request Form
Provost Office (Faculty only) Parental Leave Application Workers Compensation Packet Health Certification Form Health Certification Form Official supporting documentation that verifies custody
Birth Certificate *Medical Release Form (Return to full duties) Return to Work Form    

While on approved leave, all of your accrued sick, personal, compensatory, and vacation hours will be used. Eligible employees may also be eligible to apply to the Sick Leave Bank. The Sick Leave Bank is intended to be used for short-term and non-work related absences, where the employee has a reasonable expectation of returning to perform full job duties. It is not intended as a substitute for, supplement to, other income sources (e.g., long term disability).

Upon approval, you may draw upon the bank after the exhaustion of your sick, personal, compensatory hours and all but ten (10) days of accrued vacation hours. The Sick Leave Bank Committee considers applications for paid time beyond those accruals based on information provided by the employee (Leave Request Form) and their health care provider. Please refer to your applicable collective bargaining agreement.

If requesting an extension of your leave – follow the steps above, by submitting a Leave Request Form and updated Health Certificate Form to Human Resources at least two (2) weeks prior to the expiration of your currently approved leave. During your leave you must remain in contact with your supervisor about your return to work date (you do not have to disclose your medical condition). Prior to returning to your job you must provide Human Resources the Medical Release Form releasing you to return to full duty.

Note: If you are on approved, unpaid leave for two (2) or more full pay periods and you carry health insurance through your university position, the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission will invoice you for your portion of the health insurance premium in order to maintain coverage.

All forms should be completed and returned to Human Resources within 30 (thirty) calendar days of the first day of your leave with the exception of the Health Care Provider Form which is to be returned at least fifteen (15) calendar days upon receipt.  Failure to provide the required documentation in a timely manner may result in delay or denial of requested leave.

If you don't see the forms you are looking for in the table above, please be sure to expand the union lists below for documents relevant to your specific union.

Classified Union (CSU/MTA)

Faculty Staff Union (FSU/MTA)

Non-Unit Staff

Teamsters (Local 25)

Professional Staff (PSU/MTA)