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Life Insurance

The Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission (GIC) offers eligible employees a optional life insurance & accidental death and dismemberment coverage options. Plan overview and premiums are available in the GIC Benefit Decision Guide. Life Insurance carrier is The Hartford, 1.617.727.2310 ext. 1

Basic Life Insurance

Basic Life Insurance is a flat $5,000 benefit for which employees contribute 20% or 25% of the premium (based on date of hire).

Optional Term Life Insurance with AD&D

Optional term life insurance is available as a flat rate in increments up to $1,000 less than the employee’s annual salary or as a multiple (1-8 times) of base annual salary. Life insurance purchased as a multiple of annual salary (“automatic increase”) increases as base annual salary increases with corresponding premium increases.

How to Apply

Eligible employees may enroll for coverage upon hire into a benefited position with coverage, effective the first day of the month following 60 days of covered employment.

Applications for Optional Term Life Insurance requested after initial employment are reviewed based on a medical evidence of insurability information and may be denied on that basis. The premiums (based on amount of coverage, an employee’s age and if the employee is a smoker or non-smoker) appear in the GIC Benefit Decision Guide.

You may apply for the coverage by completing the GIC Form-1 and returning it to Human Resources.

GIC Basic Life Insurance Rates

Click here for state employee life insurance plan rates.

Optional Retirement Program (ORP)

Members of the Massachusetts Optional Retirement Program are provided a life insurance policy as part of that benefit.