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Training & Development

The University of Massachusetts Boston Human Resources Department is pleased to announce the continued commencement of training and professional development coursework open for all faculty, supervisors and staff of the university.

Professional development promotes employee and organizational growth through course offerings that build on skills that encourage communication, help employees to understand their style differences, deepen interpersonal skills and build relationships within teams as well as across the university. These skill sets support the continued growth and path of excellence embraced here at the University of Massachusetts Boston.    

Human Resources offers the following learning and development options that may fit the needs of your schedule.

Who May Attend?

Workshops and certificate series are open to all UMass Boston faculty and staff. Participation is voluntary. If an employee is interested in participating in one of the courses he/she should discuss dates and times with their immediate supervisor so that adequate coverage can be maintained in the office while the employee is attending a workshop.


Human Resources

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