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Supervisor Checklist for New Employee Onboarding

UMass Boston has a vibrant, multi-cultural educational environment that encourages our diverse campus community to thrive and succeed. Part of that success is ensuring that new employees feel welcome and supported during their first few months of employment. Managers and supervisors play an important role in onboarding new employees and facilitating their transition to their new role on campus. 

The goals of effective onboarding are to ensure that new hires feel welcome and engaged, to help new employees make an impact at the university, and to shorten new employee’s learning curve in their new role. Investing in employee onboarding means new staff are prepared for and committed to the mission of the university, your department, and the needs of the populations we serve. Successfully integrating new staff to the university should foster pride and satisfaction in the employee that they are a valuable member of our team.

The onboarding process for a new employee does not happen in one day, one month or even six months; it is an ongoing process. However, it is ideal to provide the new hire with a formal orientation to your part of the organization within their first week of work. Human Resources has developed a Supervisor's Checklist as a guide to effectively integrate new employees to the university and connecting them to the campus community. Additional managerial/supervisory resources are also available through the Training and Organizational Development Unit and through the Employee Relations and Labor Relations Unit.