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Staffing & Compensation

The contact person for Compensation in the Office of Human Resources is:

We work with university staff to ensure employees are equitably compensated within the context of university policies, programs, and collective bargaining agreements. We are responsible for:

  • Managing all university position descriptions, large scale position reviews and reorganization of staff job responsibilities, and on-going review of job descriptions for professional and classified staff;
  • Reviewing requests for equity adjustments and requests for promotions and position reallocations;
  • Providing consultative services to managers, supervisors, and employees on compensation, classification, and pay issues. 

Academic Positions

Salary administration for academic personnel such as faculty, librarians, and research fellows are administered by the Provost’s Office. Faculty and librarians are covered by the collective bargaining agreement.

Classified Positions

Positions defined as classified staff are based on matching duties and responsibilities with specifications contained in state title and regulated under Massachusetts General Laws. Pay level of each position depends on the grade level assigned to the appropriate title. Classified staff are covered by the collective bargaining agreement and the salary schedule can be found in the collective bargaining agreement. Classified positions are typically clerical, administrative and technical positions, as well as skilled trades and labor positions.  

  • Out-of-Title Work: Classified employees can be assigned by the hiring manager/department head to perform work in a higher grade due to a temporary vacancy and/or leave of absence of staff, the employee shall receive out-of-title compensation. Additional information on out-of-title work can be found in the classified staff bargaining agreement, Article 22—Out of Title Work.
  • Classified Position Appeal Process: Classified employees and/or their manager may file an appeal of the classification of a position based on duties currently being performed. The employee and/or their manager must complete the Position Audit Guide and submit to Human Resources for review and evaluation.

Professional Positions

Each professional position is evaluated and compensated in terms of specific elements outlined in the Professional Staff Salary Administration Program. The primary work of professional positions require advanced knowledge customarily obtained by a prolonged course of specialized study and instruction or work in a recognized field.

Teamster Positions

Police officer positions are covered by the collective bargaining agreement with the International Brotherhood of Police Officers and have a different salary schedule which can be found within the collective bargaining agreement.