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Employee Relations

Employee Relations is concerned with maintaining the employee/manager or co-worker relationships that contribute to the University’s culture of success.  The Office of Employee Relations assists with preventing and resolving issues involving individuals that arise out of or affect work situations.  The office serves as the university’s chief representative in all labor relations matters, including all collective bargaining. Employee Relations provides guidance on a wide variety of employment issues and concerns with the goal of ensuring the fair and consistent treatment of all university staff.

Mickey Gallagher
Executive Director of Labor Relations

Benjamin Trachman
Labor Relations Manager

Sophie Stevenson
Labor Relations Coordinator

Your Labor Relations Negotiations Update

Negotiations for successor collective bargaining agreements will be underway this Spring (2023) with all nine of the UMass Boston campus unions. The UMass Boston Labor Relations Office has the responsibility to conduct these negotiations in a manner that best represents the overall mission of the University. To that end, we will be posting on this site regular periodic updates that will help inform all University employees of the activity engaged at each of the respective bargaining tables. 



As of this date (July 21, 2023) the Administration and following UMB bargaining units have completed negotiations and executed a successor agreement commencing July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024:

PSU Unit C – Coaches
DCU – Dept Chairs
Teamsters – Police Lieutenants
NEPBA – Patrol Officers
NEPBA – Police Sergeants

CSU – Classified Staff
FSU - Faculty

Those units identified above in the left column have been approved for funding by the Massachusetts House of Representatives and are currently being reviewed by the Massachusetts Senate for approval and submission to the Governor for final execution. Once the Governor signs the requisite bill authorizing the necessary funding the President’s Office must appropriate the funds to the respective campus so that payroll can be adjusted and implemented.

Those units in the right column above have been submitted to the legislature for funding approval currently residing with the House of Representatives. Both the Administration and respective Unions are working with the legislature to expedite this process to the extent possible.

While it is impossible to predict when the entire process will be completed, we can say we have successfully expedited the process thus far and continue efforts to the end.

University of Massachusetts Boston campus